NAGON solo exhibition by nada<br />at mysha Harajyuku, Tokyo<br />2023.Sep.15 – 16

NAGON solo exhibition by nada
at mysha Harajyuku, Tokyo
2023.Sep.15 – 16

From 6. to 11. September

From 6. to 11. September
NAGON solo exhibition “inkbrush art” is being held at mysha gallery Harajyuku, Tokyo.
Please take a look at her free and open-minded works, including her masterpieces of「creation」and works that break new ground.

Opening reception for artists will be held in the evening on 15.September.18:00-20:00

9.Feb.1998 born Tokyo
NAGON is a contemporary artist expressing modern Japanese art by using Asian classic ink and brush.
As she intuitively strokes the brush,By objectively viewing it as art Pursuing
“calligraphy that lives as modern art” Expressing traditional culture in a unique style.