Woodcarvings by Takeshi HAGURI + Miki NAGASAKI

Woodcarvings by Takeshi HAGURI + Miki NAGASAKI

6. - 27. November 2015

closed on Mondays
Tue.-Sat. 11:00-19:00
Sun. 11:00-17:00

Opening reception : from 6 pm to 8 pm on 6th November 2015

nada art gallery is pleased to announce that we have an exhibition “Skin and scales” presented by two wood carving artists, Takeshi Haguri and Miki Nagasaki.


Takeshi HAGURI
1957 born in Aichi
1984 finished Graduate School of Aichi University of the Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions
1992 Gallery Hakuzen/ Nagoya
1993 Gallery Cuore/Osaka/‘94‘95‘96‘98‘01
1996 Matsumura Gallery/Tokyo/‘98
1997 Ijiramura Museum of Art/Gifu
1999 Gamagori Prince Hotel/Aichi
G Art Gallery/Tokyo
2000 Matsuzakaya main store/Nagoya
2002 Gallery Meihodo/Nagoya/‘03‘04‘06‘13
2006 Chukyo University C・Square/ Nagoya
2007 Noritake Garden Gallery/Nagoya/ ‘09‘11‘13
Gallery APA/Nagoya/‘08‘09‘:10
2009 Children’s Museum Andersen Park Funabashi/Chiba
2010 Inagaki Cosmic Gallery/Aichi
2013 Shizuoka Matsuzakaya Department Store/Nagoya
2014 Toki no wasuremono/Tokyo

Selected Group Exihibitions
1985 Kobe Figurative Sculpture Grand Prize Exhibition’85 /Kobe Port Island South Park, Hyogo
1987 Japan Contemporary Representational Sculpture Exhibition/Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art, Chiba/‘89‘92‘94‘98
1989 City&City Art Festa Sculpture Exhibition/Chiba
1990 Japan Contemporary Wood Sculpture Festival/Gifu/‘92‘94
1996 The 8th Kobe Figurative Sculpture Grand Prize Exhibition/ Honorable Mention/ Seishinminami new town special, Hyogo
The 3rd Wood Carving Folk Art Ohya、Bronze Prize/ Ohya Hall, Hyogo/‘97
1998 Daisanbunmei Exihibition, Encouragement Prize /Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum
2000 International Sculpture Symposium Vogtland, Grand Prix/ Germany
2001 The 15th Fugaku Biennale Exhibition, Excellence Award /Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Shizuoka/‘99‘03‘07
2008 Art Fair Tokyo 2008/Tokyo Forum, Tokyo/‘11
Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair/Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo/‘09
2013 The 16th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Prize/Kawasaki Taro Okamoto Art Museum, Kanagawa
Sniff Out、Semi Grand Prix/Intex Osaka, Osaka


“Tieguai hermit”, woodcarving, painting, hight:45.0cm


1986 born in Aichi

Solo Exhibitions
2010 Noritake Garden Gallery/Nagoya
2011 Noritake Garden Gallery/Nagoya
2013 Gallery Meihodo/Nagoya
2014 Galleria d‘Arte/Nagoya

Group Exhibitions
2007 Wood Carving Folk Art Ohya, won a prize/Ohya Hall, Hyogo 
2010 Wood Carving Folk Art Ohya, won a public prize/Ohya Hall, Hyogo
2011 Wood Carving Folk Art Ohya, Grand Prix/Ohya Hall, Hyogo
VARIA NAGOYA ART FAIR/Matsuzakaya Hall, Aichi
2012 Wood carving Folk Art Oya, won a public prize/Ohya、Hall
2013 Sniff Out 2013/Intex Osaka、Osaka
Emerging Directors Art Fair ULTRA006/Spiral Garden、Tokyo
2014 GEISAI #20、Point Ranking #1 /Tokyo Distribution Center、Tokyo

HP用紅鯉 (小)

“Red Carp in Hanging Scroll”, woodcarving, painting, 37.5×23.8cm