<br />Painters Journey<br />SHU & NiJi$uKe Exhibition by nada<br />at Daimaru Shimonoseki<br />2023.Nov.23 – Dec.31

Painters Journey
SHU & NiJi$uKe Exhibition by nada
at Daimaru Shimonoseki
2023.Nov.23 – Dec.31


From 23.Nov to 3.Dec
After returning to Japan, the two artists traveled 8,000 km across the Americas from west to east, and after holding traveling exhibitions in Osaka, Nagoya, and Kobe, their works are now on display for the first time in Shimonoseki.
At the exhibition, you will be able to learn more about their journey through travel videos, and original paintings and premium goods will also be available for purchase.
We hope you will take this opportunity to visit the Daimaru Shimonoseki Store.