Saki solo exhibition by nada<br />at Daimaru Umeda<br />2023.Dec.20 – 26

Saki solo exhibition by nada
at Daimaru Umeda
2023.Dec.20 – 26

From 20. to 26. December
Ballpoint pen drawing artist Saki solo exhibition “BOUQUET” is being held at Daimaru Umeda store.
This will be Saki’s first solo exhibition in Osaka.We look forward to seeing you there.

Born in 1990 in Osaka. Ballpoint pen drawing artist living in Osaka. Influenced by her father, an art teacher, she became familiar with art from her childhood.
After graduating from Osaka University of Arts with a degree in design, she worked for a general company, creating and exhibiting ballpoint pen drawings and other artworks while working as a company employee.She left the company in 2022. Began working as a freelance artist.

She draws the “life” of living creatures by combining ballpoint pen, metallic foil, transparent watercolor, and photographs.
Instead of drawing the creatures as they are, she uses traditional Japanese patterns and various patterns to depict their shadows and shapes to express the three-dimensionality of the creatures.
Many of the traditional patterns are designed with motifs of natural phenomena, animals, and plants, and he breathes life into her works by bringing the breath of life contained in these motifs back into the creatures.